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Graphic Design Internships – What to Expect

by Amelia

Every year, graduates from all types of schools prepare to graduate and move onto the real, working world. However, many only know what is to be expected from college and have no idea what a job in their chosen field really consists of. Neither do they realize what exactly they will have to do in a work type setting. Those in the graphic design field are no different. They are given plenty of training and education when it comes to courses in graphic design school setting, but few are fully prepared for what a job would require. This is where internships come in. Internships give those who are nearing graduation or those who have just recently graduated a chance to experience what it is like in that chosen career field.

There are certain skills that are sought after by potential employers and it is therefore important for interns to have knowledge in those areas. Some of the skills that companies expect from interns are knowledge of certain computer software, the ability to multitask, communication skills, and the ability to work in a team. Some of the software that interns may need to be acquainted with includes Abode Photoshop and Illustrator, HTML, Flash, and Microsoft Office. These are some of the basic programs that graphic designers work with. Competition is fierce in these areas, so competency of these programs is vital.

There are also many things that can be expected by the intern from the job itself. The intern can look forward to being given simple jobs around the company. Some may include tedious tasks such as dealing with phone calls, mail, and emails. Others may include simple projects that pertain directly to graphic arts. These may be easy at first and then get progressively harder as the intern demonstrates competency in their assignments. By proving themselves during an internship, the intern may be able to land a job with the company after graduation and/or the internship period is over.

During this time, the intern can expect to learn many new things. They will get to see the real inner workings of that position. They will also have the opportunity to work with professionals in the field and learn from them. Knowledge of computer programs will more than likely be increased. The general skills that an intern can acquire during an internship can expand to encompass the demands of a full time job.

While graphic design internships can be quite difficult to get, they can also be very rewarding. An intern will get the opportunity to prove their potential to a company with the skills that they already possess as well as learning more about their chosen field.

Graphic Design for Starters

You will find many tutorials on the web and in other resources, to help you learn the basics to website design and graphic design. However you have to be creative, to allow your designs to differentiate from others, giving it that unique touch. It is simple to learn the basics, however if you don’t have a creative mind, it can become very difficult to be successful. Any customer can be affected by poor graphic design, which makes it even more important to make the website eye catching and different from others. Graphic design production includes colors, images, text and drawing. Graphic design does not just involve you, but you should be working as a team, involving the company you are working for.

If you are interested in having a graphic design career, you must simply understand that there is more to it than just understanding colors and shapes and images and being able to use Photoshop. You need to think more objectively about things, including the projects you are dealing with. You can learn a lot from analyzing the work of others. Those who have been to graphic design college have a benefit on those who haven’t. A career in graphic design can be exciting for those who love a challenge, as you are constantly being faced with new challenges.

Before you start any project there are a few things you should consider doing first. Below you will find a few stages which are important to consider:

By organizing a meeting with your new customers, you can consider where they are looking to go with their website. These meetings can help you both to set deadlines and organize your priorities. Meetings come across as professional and show good organization skills. It is very important to get as much graphic design information, out of your customer as possible. So you can ask them for examples of work, which they admire in order to get an idea of the type of design they like.

Carrying out research is also very important. You can generate some great ideas by researching into graphic design brochures and other materials, to help give your ideas. Before you start your graphic design it is important to research the company or site you are designing for. Look at niches to target to help the site gain a new touch. All colors, images and videos should blend well with the specific website design. By looking at the work of others, you can improve you designs through fresh ideas. If you don’t do your research you will not develop.

Conceptualizing is another stage, beneficial to you. This is where you look at gathering ideas and information you have collected and transform them into graphical forms. Using pictures, colors and videos you can generate a new design for the business. You should also look at targeting specific niches.

As you can see graphic design is not a simple process. There are many areas to consider with new projects and you should always be looking to give each a unique touch. This will help your sites stand out from the millions of others out there.

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